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1. Changes in the approximation of snow by climate models over typical vegetation in the Northern Hemisphere  (2023-01-13)
2. Kilometer-scale modeling better reflects the relationship between land and precipitation  (2022-12-06)
3. How well do state-of-the-art climate models simulate sea level?  (2022-11-19)
4. Long-term memory in temperature series: the “forgetfulness” of state-of-the-art climate models in equatorial and coastal regions  (2022-11-09)
5. Team publishes review of research achievements related to the study of extreme heat temperatures  (2022-11-08)
6. Where does the energy of North Atlantic Tropical cyclones come from?  (2022-10-19)
7. Scientists reveal the different effects on storm tracks between the upper- and lower-level eddy growth over the North Pacific  (2022-09-23)
8. Haze pollution levels exhibit short-term seesaw behavior over North China Plain  (2022-09-21)
9. Scientists find complex terrain aggravates haze formation and its meteorological feedback  (2022-09-07)
10. Extreme flash droughts will continue into the future  (2022-09-05)
11. The formation of a super strong Mongolian cyclone and its contributing factors  (2022-08-11)
12. Call for papers: Machine Learning Applications for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences  (2022-07-21)
13. Frequent Occurrence of Climate Extremes in the Three Gorges Region in 2021  (2022-07-07)
14. A well simulation of heatwave frequency variation by a machine-learning model  (2022-07-04)
15. A new 3D observation network for boundary layer meteorology over the Tibetan Plateau  (2022-06-17)
16. Climate scientists say expected ocean changes require planning for many generations ahead  (2022-06-09)
17. Thunderstorm activity in the tropics may drive freezing cold-events below -30°C in Northeast China   (2022-06-07)
18. Discovery of a tripole winter precipitation change pattern around the Tibetan Plateau in the late 1990s  (2022-05-31)
19. The state of China's climate in 2021: A new temperature high and abnormal precipitation   (2022-05-19)
20. Environmental helicity may affect the outer-core size of tropical cyclones  (2022-04-26)

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