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1. Influence of sea surface temperature in the Indian Ocean on air quality in the Yangtze River Delta region  (2021-04-12)
2. Inhibiting impact of dust aerosols on eastern Pacific tropical cyclones from the perspective of energy transmission  (2021-03-24)
3. State of the climate over the Three Gorges Region of the Yangtze River in 2019  (2021-03-16)
4. Unfavorable weather conditions were the main cause of the fog–haze events over the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei region during the COVID-19 lockdown  (2021-03-09)
5. Clear-sky detection methods in a highly polluted region still need further improvements  (2021-02-09)
6. New research reveals drivers of regionally different ozone responses to the COVID-19 pandemic  (2021-02-08)
7. An interdecadal decrease in extreme heat days in August over Northeast China around the early 1990s  (2021-02-08)
8. Chinese scientists use knowledge from climate system modeling to develop a global prediction system for the COVID-19 pandemic  (2021-02-04)
9. Air–sea coupling improves the simulation of the western North Pacific summer monsoon in the WRF4 model at a synoptic scale resolving resolution  (2020-11-25)
10. Scientists apply the METRIC model to estimate the land surface evapotranspiration in Nepal  (2020-11-24)
11. CMIP6 adds more value in simulating extreme temperatures in China  (2020-11-12)
12. Scientists improve a land surface model to better simulate the carbon–nitrogen flux  (2020-11-03)
13. Seesaw of Indo-Pacific summer monsoons triggered by the tropical Atlantic Ocean  (2020-10-26)
14. GMMIP simulations on global monsoon interannual variability show higher skill than historical simulations  (2020-07-28)
15. IAP publishes CAS FGOALS-f3-L model datasets for CMIP6 DECK experiments  (2020-07-15)
16. Scientists call for long-term research on ozone source apportionment  (2020-06-12)
17. The state of China’s climate in 2019: warmer and wetter, but less loss  (2020-06-09)
18. Fire aerosols decrease global terrestrial ecosystem productivity through changing climate  (2020-05-20)
19. Applying the Analogy Method to Improve the Forecasting of Strong Convection  (2020-05-15)
20. The best things come in small packages: successful application of a miniaturized instrument for carbon dioxide vertical observations  (2020-04-22)

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