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1. Call for papers: Machine Learning Applications for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences  (2022-07-21)
2. Frequent Occurrence of Climate Extremes in the Three Gorges Region in 2021  (2022-07-07)
3. A well simulation of heatwave frequency variation by a machine-learning model  (2022-07-04)
4. A new 3D observation network for boundary layer meteorology over the Tibetan Plateau  (2022-06-17)
5. Climate scientists say expected ocean changes require planning for many generations ahead  (2022-06-09)
6. Thunderstorm activity in the tropics may drive freezing cold-events below -30°C in Northeast China   (2022-06-07)
7. Discovery of a tripole winter precipitation change pattern around the Tibetan Plateau in the late 1990s  (2022-05-31)
8. The state of China's climate in 2021: A new temperature high and abnormal precipitation   (2022-05-19)
9. Environmental helicity may affect the outer-core size of tropical cyclones  (2022-04-26)
10. Stronger intensity of 10–30-day intraseasonal waves over the North Pacific in early summer than late summer  (2022-04-07)
11. Scientists identify asymmetry in the pressure anomalies of the mid–high latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere  (2022-03-31)
12. CMIP6 models have improved in simulating sea surface salinity and freshwater flux  (2022-03-18)
13. Impacts of ENSO diversity on wintertime PM2.5 pollution in four Chinese megacities  (2022-03-17)
14. Strong El Nino events could increase near-surface ozone in China  (2022-03-17)
15. Developing different hydrometeor spectra parameterizations for simulating convective clouds  (2022-03-09)
16. Heatwave hotspots linked to urban agglomerations in Africa  (2022-03-09)
17. Decreasing carbon sink across the Belt and Road in the future  (2022-03-02)
18. Severer, longer-lasting and more widespread droughts from 1901 to 2100  (2022-02-25)
19. Potential widespread effects of geoengineering on both climate and the carbon cycle  (2022-02-22)
20. A novel method to diagnose model uncertainties in projecting the South Asian summer monsoon  (2022-02-17)

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