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1. Deep learning in extracting tropical cyclone intensity and wind radius information from satellite infrared images—A review  (2023-09-05)
2. State of China's climate in 2022  (2023-09-05)
3. 3D DBSCAN detection and parameter sensitivity of the 2022 Yangtze river summertime heatwave and drought  (2023-09-05)
4. Prediction of ENSO using multivariable deep learning  (2023-09-05)
5. U-Net: A deep-learning method for improving summer precipitation forecasts in China  (2023-09-05)
6. A machine learning approach to quality-control Argo temperature data  (2023-09-05)
7. Heat waves in summer 2022 and increasing concern regarding heat waves in general  (2023-02-01)
8. The anthropogenic acceleration and intensification of flash drought over the southeastern coastal region of China will continue into the future  (2023-02-01)
9. The ocean response to climate change guides both adaptation and mitigation efforts  (2023-02-01)
10. Assessment of global meteorological, hydrological and agricultural drought under future warming based on CMIP6  (2023-02-01)
11. Predicting climate anomalies: A real challenge  (2023-02-01)
12. State of China's climate in 2021  (2022-10-08)
13. Impacts of ENSO on wintertime PM2.5 pollution over China during 2014–2021  (2022-10-08)
14. State of China's Climate in 2020  (2022-10-08)
15. Possible link between new coronavirus variants and atmospheric lightning and seawater intrusion  (2022-06-02)
16. Effects of solar radiation modification on the ocean carbon cycle: An earth system modeling study  (2022-05-30)
17. Seasonal to interannual prediction of air pollution in China: Review and insight  (2022-05-30)
18. Assessment of CMIP6 model performance for temperature and precipitation in Xinjiang, China  (2022-05-30)
19. On the contribution of Rossby waves driven by surface buoyancy fluxes to low-frequency North Atlantic steric sea surface height variations  (2022-05-29)
20. Global air quality change during the COVID-19 pandemic: Regionally different ozone pollution responses  (2022-02-24)

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