1. 【Evolving】Report series | State of China's climate  (2024-05-28)
2. Perspective | Arctic sea-ice extent: No record minimum in 2023 or recent years  (2024-04-15)
3. Review | Progress and future prospects of decadal prediction and data assimilation: A review  (2023-11-06)
4. Review | Deep learning in extracting tropical cyclone intensity and wind radius information from satellite infrared images—A review  (2023-09-05)
5. Perspective | Will the summer sea ice in the Arctic reach a tipping point?  (2023-03-06)
6. Perspective | The dry and hot American Southwest under the present and future climates  (2023-02-20)
7. Review | An overview of soil moisture drought research in China: progress and perspective  (2022-12-06)
8. Commentary | Heat waves in summer 2022 and increasing concern regarding heat waves in general  (2022-10-18)
9. 【Evolving】Report series | Climate observation of the Three Gorges Region of the Yangtze River  (2022-06-16)
10. Perspective | Strengthening the three-dimensional comprehensive observation system of multi-layer interaction on the Tibetan Plateau to cope with the warming and wetting trend  (2022-05-18)
11. Review | The ocean response to climate change guides both adaptation and mitigation efforts  (2022-05-06)
12. Perspective | Key regions where land surface processes shape the East Asian climate  (2022-04-21)
13. Perspective | Population increase impacts the climate, using the sensitive Arctic as an example  (2022-02-16)
14. Perspective | Possible link between new coronavirus variants and atmospheric lightning and seawater intrusion  (2021-11-25)
15. Review | Seasonal to interannual prediction of air pollution in China: Review and insight  (2021-11-13)
16. Commentary | Subseasonal to seasonal Arctic sea-ice prediction: A grand challenge of climate science  (2021-04-02)
17. Data description | CAS FGOALS-f3-H and CAS FGOALS-f3-L outputs for the high-resolution model intercomparison project simulation of CMIP6  (2020-10-11)
18. Data description | CAS FGOALS-f3-L model dataset descriptions for CMIP6 DECK experiments  (2020-07-07)
19. Review | A review of surface ozone source apportionment in China  (2020-05-31)
20. Perspective | Ammonia should be considered in field experiments mimicking nitrogen deposition  (2020-03-05)

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