Atmos. Oceanic Sci. Lett.
2024 Vol.  17 No.  3
Published: 28 April 2024

Understanding the factors influencing cloud-core vertical accelerations during deep convection formation in the WRF model
Na Li, Jin Wang, Lingkun Ran, Lei Yin, Xiba Tang, Yuchen Liu
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100448 [Abstract] [PDF]
Evaluation of CMIP6 model performance in simulating the PDO and its future change
Yuchun Du, Huopo Chen
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100449 [Abstract] [PDF]
Global trends of tropopause folds in recent decades
Yufeng Lin, Wenshou Tian, Haiyang Xue, Jiali Luo, Jiankai Zhang, Hongying Tian, Wenjun Liang
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100450 [Abstract] [PDF]
A teleconnection pattern of upper-tropospheric circulation anomalies over the Eurasian continent associated with the interannual variability of atmospheric convection over the tropical western North Pacific in July
Peishan Chen, Riyu Lu
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100451 [Abstract] [PDF]
Future changes in compound drought events and associated population and GDP exposure in China based on CMIP6
Rufan Xue, Bo Sun, Wanling Li, Huixin Li, Botao Zhou
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100461 [Abstract] [PDF]
Comparison of ERA5 turbulent fluxes at the air–sea interface with measurements from a wave‐following platform
Said Benjeddou, Denis Bourras, Christopher Luneau
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100463 [Abstract] [PDF]
Interdecadal changes in the western Siberian summer mean and extreme rainfall during 1982–2021
Yali Zhu, Fangwu Song, Dong Guo
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100464 [Abstract] [PDF]
A rapid assessment of MWRI-RM/FY3G brightness temperature
Wenying He, Xinran Xia, Shengli Wu, Peng Zhang, Hongbin Chen, Xiangao Xia, Yuquan Zhou, Miao Cai
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100466 [Abstract] [PDF]
Revisiting East Asian monsoon change during the Last Glacial Maximum using PMIP4 simulations
Zhiping Tian
2024 Volume 17 Issue3 100467 [Abstract] [PDF]